Who is ECP?
Eastern Carolina Pathology (ECP) is a top laboratory and medical practice of physicians specializing in pathology. Our physician and hospital clients use our laboratory because of our deep expertise, high level of diagnostic quality, rapid turnaround times, and professional and careful handling of patient specimens.

Why am I getting a bill from ECP when I have never been there?
Most likely you recently visited a physican's office, clinic, surgery center or hospital. During that visit a physician surgically removed tissue from you body (a biopsy) or collected cell samples via a brushing (e.g. a Pap), washing or some other collection method. Your doctor then sent the biopsy or cell specimen to our laboratory for evaluation. This is a separate billable event and we bill your insurance company for our testing services. Like any other medical bill, depending on your insurance benefits, the type of service (routine exam vs. diagnostic), and your deductible level, you may be responsible for none of the bill, all of the bill, or a portion of the bill.

What happens to my specimen?
Upon arrival in our laboratory, the specimens (whether tissue or cells) undergo multiple complex processing steps in order to be placed on glass slides by our professional staff. Each slide is examined by one of our board-certified pathologists and/or our certified cytotechnologists and a diagnosis is rendered. A report is generated and sent to your physician, who in turn is responsible for contacting you with the results.

How do I report a concern or complaint?
ECP follows Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) guidelines in all of its laboratory facilities. CLIA is the program under which Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulates medical laboratories. If you have any concerns please contact us or click here to review how you could report it to CLIA. For more information, also see www.cms.hhs.gov/clia or call 1.877.267.2323 (toll free) ext. 63531.

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